Special Educational Support

  Specialist support for children and young people who have problems with the school curriculum.


What is special educational support?

   There are many reasons why a child or young person may struggle with the school curriculum.          The difficulties they experience may be:

  • Educational

  • Behavioural

  • Emotional

  • Psychological

  • Social

  • Environmental


Who do we support?

  • Children and young people who are experiencing difficulties in the nursery, primary or secondary school or further education.

  • Their parents and carers.

  • Staff in mainstream schools.

What types of support do we offer?


          We support schools to identify where each student’s difficulties lie and to make adjustments to the curriculum to meet the student’s needs. However much support takes place at school, some children’s and young people’s needs are more significant and may require additional specialist support.

        Our specialist teachers work with children and young people both individually and in small groups. They advise Learning Support Assistants (LSAs), monitoring and supporting them. They devise individual programmes and work collaboratively with class teachers and other professionals. They also lead INSET days in schools.

          Our specialist teachers support students in the core curriculum subjects of numeracy and literacy. They also support them with social skills.  



          TSA provides specialist, multi-disciplinary, professional support to children with additional and/or special education needs. We work with the under-fives as well as with school-age children. All our teachers have qualifications and experience in special educational needs (SEN).


             For children already at school, we want to enable them to remain there. Our aim is to meet their individual needs and:

  • Enhance their learning.

  • Improve their self-esteem.

  • Allow them to shine.


          We work with children in their own schools or at one of the special education units in our family centres. After assessing a child individually and consulting with parents, family members, carers and teachers, we are able to develop a program of support.

          TS'A also supports schools, professionals and families. Services include consultations, INSET (in-service training for school staff) and mentoring.


Our Services

  • Individual teaching.

  • Primary and Secondary Mainstream Pupil Support Units.

  • To maintain and support the student’s school placement.

  • For those currently out of school, we prepare them to reintegrate into school.


           We have separate groups for boys and girls at primary and secondary levels and students attend between one and four sessions each week. 

  • Transition programme.


          This offers an alternative programme or an additional qualification for year 12 and 13 students. Its focus is preparation for life, work and independence.


The programme includes:

  • Work experience

  • Social skills

  • Functional skills

  • Accredited BTEC qualification/s from Entry Level 1 to Level 3, depending on ability.

  • Apprenticeship programs


          These provide sheltered employment for young people and support them in attaining further qualifications (an NVQ where possible). The aim is to help make full employment a viable option.

  • In-service training


In-service training for teachers and Learning Support Assistants ( LSA ) on a range of topics:

  • Supporting and monitoring LSAs

  • Training/workshops


        We organise a range of professional development courses for teachers, LSAs and teaching seminaries.

  • Early years advisory services


          This supports early years settings, offering help with curriculum planning and with early identification of children with special educational needs.